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Question 1:  You work for a metal fabrication company that has a trustworthy system for anonymously reporting accounting improprieties within the company. It has a clear policy that favors internal reporting.  Should a whistleblower be allowed to bypass that system and go straight to law enforcement officials?
Question 2:  A prospective new client literally walked up to your CPA firm’s reception desk, and asked to speak with you. She proceeded to tell you about her “scummy” ex-boyfriend’s under-the-table unreported cash income and requested your help in filing an IRS Whistleblower Claim. You reviewed the evidentiary documents, authored the filing, and filed the claim in your own name, with your new client’s consent. You have agreed in writing to split any award with your client. You never have had a professional relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Are you legally and ethically allowed to receive and keep your share of the reward?


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