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Quantitative Analysis: 

  1. Using the data input provided (Exhibit 1), prepare LAF’s master budgets in Excel. Do not hard-code numbers into the spreadsheet, except where permitted in the financing section of the cash budget.

Qualitative Analysis: 
In a 2-3 page report, based on the results of your quantitative analysis:

  1. Determine a credit recommendation for Kent Bank, to lend or not. Justify your credit decision.
  2. Explain why the cash budget is more important to a bank than the accounting net income when determining a credit decision.


  • Quantitative Analysis (Excel Required): You are required to use the provided Excel workbook to complete the quantitative analysis for this assignment.
  • Qualitative Analysis (Word Required): Prepare a 2-3 page summary addressing the required qualitative analysis, as noted in the Student Workbook.  Your paper is required to be formatted according to APA requirements.  Be sure to incorporate key concepts from this unit’s readings and properly cite your references according to APA requirements.  Do NOT embed the results of your quantitative analysis in your Word document.  You should only reference parts of your quantitative analysis in your written analysis.  Your written responses to the qualitative prompts should not be presented in a question and answer format.
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