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 On this page you will find two late-nineteenth century advertisements. In your first journal entry, please write at least 250 words analyzing one or both images in terms of what they reveal about the late nineteenth century. While studying these advertisements, think back to the video lecture content on presentism contained in this module. Bearing in mind that people from previous generations had different views of the world than we do today, what do these images reveal to you about the world views of Americans in the late nineteenth century? What assumptions would make these advertisements, particularly the one for Grove’s tasteless chill tonic, make sense? What does the baking powder ad reveal about the status of women in American society? You are not limited to these questions but it should provide you with a starting point. Note: the purpose of this assignment is not to look up the images to find out what to think about them. I want to see what your thoughts are and what you see on your own. If it is clear that you looked up the ads by providing outside information rather than your own observations, you will lose points.
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