Anatomy homework help

Anatomy homework help. Bioarchaeology Worksheet 5/11/2020
Upload to Canvas May 11 on completion

  • In some of your material this week, there is soft tissue (skin, muscle, hair, etc) and in some, just skeletal evidence. What are the benefits of having soft tissue as part of the bioarchaeology research?


  • Consider the child mummy Ta-Sherit:
    1. What are the research benefits to using CT scan imagery over unwrapping her?


  1. What are the ethical responsibilities that an anthropologist has to human remains in the research process?


  • Scientific method:
    1. Selecting one of the research projects this week (the woman in the coffin, Jamestown, or the child mummy), please complete this exercise:

What research project would you like to participate in to do further research?
What part of the research projects interested you?
What specific methods were used as part of the research?
What additional research question would you like to ask?
What laboratory or research method would you like to use to answer this question? (What is your “Research Plan”?)

Anatomy homework help


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