Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help. Visually displaying data is an important part of research. Graphs and charts are often used to visually show how data differs from one another.
For this assignment, you will create a data dashboard containing epidemiology data. A data dashboard is a management tool that visually tracks, analyzes, and displays metrics and key data through the use of graphs and diagrams. See the sample of a dashboard below.
For some visual examples of dashboards, follow/click the following link:
For this assignment, use the following link to download the Microsoft (MS) Excel file of World Health Statistics Health Status – Mortality:
The data presented shows the mortality rates by gender and country. Select two countries to compare with the United States and create the following in MS Excel:

  1. A bar graph comparison of the United States and your two selected countries using the Life Expectancy at Birth by gender (columns F & G).
  2. A pie graph comparison using the Healthy life expectancy by gender (columns H & I).
  3. A scatter graph comparison using the Probability of dying per 1000 population between 15 and 60 years by gender (columns J & K).
  4. A 2-D graph comparison using the Probability of dying per 1000 live births by years 2003 and 2000 (columns L & M).

Once you have completed the four graphs, provide a brief explanation (4-6 sentences) of what each graph is depicting. The explanation should not only identify the X- and Y-axis, but also provide a detailed explanation of the data. For example:
“Observed in the Life Expectancy at Birth by gender bar graph, the United States has a significant higher life expectancy for both males and females when compared to Angola and Ghana. This can be attributed to insignificant access to healthcare services in unindustrialized countries, as noted by Robinson (2018).”
For full credit, submit an MS Word file (containing your explanations) and an MS Excel file (containing the dashboard).
Note: The best way to complete this assignment is to “hide/sort” the columns and rows that will not be used in the graphical comparison.

Applied Sciences homework help


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