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Do not repost, copy, or reproduce without the consent of the instructor.
Japanese 170: Tales of the Supernatural
Final Research Paper Guidelines
Kirk Kanesaka
Papers must be typed and double-spaced in Times New Roman Font, font size 12, with one-inch
margins, unjustified on the right side for a total of fifteen to twenty pages (excluding the
Bibliography, footnotes, etc). Your name, course (J170) and date must be placed on the upper
right hand corner singled spaced. Papers must be minimum fifteen pages and no longer than
twenty pages. Papers that do not fall into these guidelines will be penalized half of a grade. The
ability to research subjects, write coherently and grammatically, and make persuasive arguments
will be assumed.
You MUST submit it online to CCLE by 3:30 PM PST on June 8, 2020. Failure to do so will
result in an automatic F. Under no circumstances (unless in cases of emergency with proper
documentation) will a late paper be accepted. Papers turned in via e-mail will not be accepted
under any circumstances. Students should include citations using the approved APA or MLA
style to support their argument.
A plot summary of the texts in discussion will not be considered as an analytical paper and
will result in an automatic F.
1) The purpose of this paper is to rigorously analyze at least two of the texts we have covered in
this course. If you wish to pursue a topic that does not involve comparing and contrasting, or
using in addition to course materials other texts not covered in this course, you must submit a
written request immediately to your instructor. The approval of your request is at the sole
discretion of your instructor. Papers should provide a critical evaluation of the themes, formal
strategies, and styles of the texts under consideration, and consist of close readings of academic
scholarships that correlates to your topic. Refer to specific examples from the texts in order to
support your arguments.
2) IN ADDITION to rigorously analyzing at least two texts, your research paper is a critical
analysis of the academic scholarship revolving around your thesis. Although there is not a
minimum to the number of sources you must use, remember, this is a research paper. Your grade
will depend on the quality of your research in addition to your arguments. This is NOT an
OPINION paper.
3) Remember to title your paper, number each page, and type them in double space. Footnote or
endnote your paper properly, giving full reference information for your citations. You must
properly cite the film, if you are choosing to include an analysis of it (Film Title, TIME). If you
want to cite lecture (Lecturer, DATE).
4) In writing your paper, draw from lectures, your notes, readings assigned in the course and
because this is a research paper, you must include other critical resources. This paper should not
consist solely of opinions or responses, but of arguments. (NOTE: be careful when using
internet sources, they are not always reliable or accurate). You may not use Wiki in your paper.
Your research paper must consist of academic scholarships. You are free to draw upon as many
©Kanesaka 2020
Do not repost, copy, or reproduce without the consent of the instructor.
sources as possible, but you must properly cite and footnote all sources fully. Failure to do so
amounts to plagiarism and will result in a failing grade.
5) Write clearly and concisely: you must PROOFREAD your essays. Grading will take into
account the strength of your argument, your use of examples from the texts and citations from
your research, but also the quality of your writing. Ungrammatical sentences, misspelled words,
and poorly articulated sentences will result in lower marks.


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