Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help. Your Personal Essay should address 
why you selected pharmacy as a career and
 how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals.
 Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals. 
The personal essay is an important part of your application for admission and provides you with an opportunity for you to clearly and effectively express your ideas.
You are limited to approximately 1 page (4500 characters, including spaces). Some formatting characters used in programs like Word (angled quotes, accents, special characters) will not display properly. Take care to review your final text and to make the necessary corrections to the format.
Passion for building relationships with others.
Pharmacists keep relationships directly with patients even in or out duty.
Pharmacists help patients to go through insurance and help them financially.
Pharmacists work as a team and cooperate with physicians to let patients take their medications correctly.
I was born in a country that lacks medical and health professionals. Yemen, it is considered as one of the third world countries. However, I wanted to become an effective part and think seriously to serve my society. Since my childhood, I have been interested in science more than anything. I had a passion and curiosity for knowing the human body and physiology. Also, medication’s role to serve people to keep their life safe and healthy. I have the skills in building relationships, getting close to people, and active listening. These skills are an effective way to know what is going on in the minds of the people around me. From this point, I can help and offer them advice that may help them in daily life. I feel more satisfied when I build relationships and keep my connection with others for a long time. I realized those features will lead me to become a pharmacist. So, I had a dream to enroll into the medical field and become a pharmacist. I started to study pharmacy when I was in Yemen. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish my education in pharmacy school because of the war in Yemen. Besides that, I got the visa lottery and I came to the United States specifically New York City. I continue my studies to achieve my dream and become a pharmacist. I started from the beginning and I enrolled in community college to earn my science degree which is the first step to start my journey in pharmacy. It is great when someone does what he is interested in because he will offer his best and never get bored. As a result, I select pharmacy as a career because it will let me make relationships with patients and help them to get their correct medications. Also, they need someone who will  help them to go through their insurance. All pharmacists are required to regularly develop their experiences and professional knowledge, to guarantee their success in this field. First of all, by following the newest developments in the world of pharmacy and medication. second, to become a good understanding of modern medical laws, regulations, and learn everything new. To increase the quality and level of services and medical advice provided to patients as much as possible.
According to myself believe every individual has certain events or likes which included the decision to choose a profession I myself choose pharmacy as my career because a lot of people are relying on medication in order to improve their health and feel them better and secure also when I was a student heard a lot from many sources that many peoples are facing the difficulty and many are dying due to poor quality drugs and due to drug incompatibility I think that I can help the people to help with their drug therapy in order to improve their health, This striked my mind a lot and I went deeper about becoming a pharmacist and I realize the importance of becoming a pharmacist. So chooses pharmacy as my career.
As a holder of Doctorate in pharmacy degree help me to achieve a job as a pharmacist in a hospital as a short term goal As a long term goal planned to move and worked in the US as a clinical research pharmacist, where I found a better opportunity to improve my knowledge regarding the medicines and the best suitable drug therapies for the conditions To achieve a goal both my personal, educational and professional background plays an important role when I was a student my desire is to become an engineer in future and as the time pass due to difficulty in finding a job because of the emergence of too many qualified personnel planned to choose pharmacy as my career by realizing the importance of this field. My education has a greater part in each and every of my success. it fills my mind with the greatest of knowledge which is required to achieve my goals it also gives me strength and confidence to achieve my goals in every aspect. After my education, I worked as a pharmacist in a hospital which helps to matured my knowledge regarding the medications Development in the new skills and knowledge and thorough understanding of the areas of pharmaceutical science develop me professionally to move towards a new career option.

Applied Sciences homework help


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