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Homework 5
2 pages
Instructions: Please respond to the following essay questions.
1. When managed care enrollment increases in a market, how does it affect other insurers and providers? (Ch. 20)
2. What are the five criteria for a competitive market? Briefly explain each criterion. (Ch. 21)
3. Which factors have contributed most to the increase in drug expenditures? Explain. (Ch. 25)
4. Why has the FDA’s drug approval process sped up in recent years? (Ch. 26)
5. What are the expected long-term consequences of price controls on R&D investments, quality of life, mortality rates, and the cost of medical care? Explain. (Ch. 28)
Suggested Reference: Feldstein, P. J. (2018). Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective, Seventh Edition. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.


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