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Essays must be a minimum of 5 full pages in length (no more than 7),
includes one potential counterargument and respond to it.
required readings before writing:
Lucretius, On the Nature of the Universe, translated by Ronald Melville (Oxford, ISBN: 9780199555147)
Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince, translated by Tim Parks (Penguin, ISBN: 9780143105862)
Respond to one of the following prompts:
Prompt 1: In “The Freedom of a Christian,” Luther writes that the Christian is both a “perfectly free lord of all, subject to no one,” and a “perfectly dutiful servant, subject to all” (1). How does this description apply to Machiavelli’s characterization of an effective prince?
Note: do not focus on the obvious differences between the texts — for example, that Machiavelli rejects Christian values as the basis for effective rule — but instead argue how the authors’ views on freedom are similar.
Prompt 2: According to Lucretius(On the nature of universe) and Machiavelli(the price), how should we respond to a world in constant change?
Note: argue how the authors’ views on this topic are similar.
citation:Cite Luther, and Machiavelli by page number. Cite Lucretius by book and line number.
format: double spaced, time roman 12


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