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Reply to Discussion on Healthcare insurance: 250-275 words, use scholarly source.
**Please add something substantial to this post. An argument, suggestion. (She said she gets most of her care from the VA (Veterans Affairs) because she was prior military (FYI)
I currently have United Healthcare insurance.  This type of insurance falls under a preferred provider organization (United Healthcare Choice Plus, 2020).  I have very little experience with this insurance plan (to include an optometry appointment for contacts) because I get most of my care from the VA here in Los Angeles.  Therefore, this discussion post has allowed me to learn a little more about the current plan I have with United Healthcare.  On their website, United Healthcare explains that I have a plan with co-payments and deductibles.  I am also able to choose from a pool of providers in their network for any of my healthcare needs (www.uhc.com, n.d).
The only issue I have had with this current plan is something I recently experience with utilizing my optometry benefits.  I currently have annual eye exams with the VA.  However, The VA does not provide eye exams for contacts.  They only do so for eyeglasses.  So, because I have my United Healthcare insurance with my job, I used that to schedule an eye appointment at Target Optometry here in Los Angeles.  The issue I had was that Target Optometry stated they can only complete my eye exam for contacts by doing a full exam for glasses and contacts.  I could not just do an exam for contacts alone.  This was a bit repetitive because I already receive exams for eyeglasses from the VA.  My recommendation would be that my insurance allowed me to only have eye contact exams done if I have proof from the VA of my eyeglasses exam.  I found the redundancy to be a waste of time for my provider at the VA and myself.
Another problem with this health care plan is that it has state-specific plans according to a review done on the company on Best Company.  If everyone is not receiving the same benefits throughout the country, that could leave people wanting to try different insurance that will make up for what is lacking from United Healthcare insurance.  I suggest that to fix this, most of the plans be pretty universal.  However, maybe the plans vary from state to state depending on what the people need in different parts of the country?
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