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Review the resources below on navigating the library on this week’s University Library page, and read “Develop a Search Strategy.” Click each of the tabs on the main page and review each step in the process.
Create a list of keywords for your research question using the guidelines provided on the “Identify Main Concepts & Keywords” tab from the “Develop a Search Strategy” page on this week’s University Library page.
Using the keywords you have created, conduct a basic keyword search on your topic.
Follow these steps:
Go to the Databases found in the “Library Resources” section of this week’s University Library page.
Set results for the last 5 years (review the “Choose a Database” tab in the “Develop a Search Strategy” page on this week’s University Library page).
Use the strategies from the “Improve Your Results” tab to narrow your results.
Choose which articles to save and read. Select at least 3 articles, and make sure you have gathered at least 1 peer-reviewed article for your Final Paper. All three articles must come from the University Library.
Complete the Library Research Worksheet responding with 150 or more words per question (excluding question 4).


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