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An active imagery task was given to influence emotion by asking participants to actively imagine a stimulus statement while their emotional responses are recorded. Participants were asked to imagine the ability or inability to access traditional media and mobile ICT media for goal achievement. The goal of this particular experiment is to inspire the best realistic image possible by relating that statement to a personal experience and memory of that experiment. An experimental design that was controlled using medialab software and a stimulus statement development. The stimulus statement included a who, what, and where scenario that includes feelings or interpretations of an event the person has experienced. Many tests were run including five hypotheses. A self-report emotion, media use, and demographic measures were taken. They recruited participants from several undergraduate mass communication classes. The average age of the participants were between 20 to 32 years old. They were asked “how frequently do you use the medium to achieve the corresponding goal from the stimulus statement.”

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In conclusion, 1/109 participants do not use social media. Tiktok, instagram, and facebook were the top social platforms. While during this pandemic, Tiktok rose to new heights and became a platform all generations started signing on too which is leading with 29.4% on our survey while Instagram comes in second with 22.9%. Majority doesn’t need social media for work but tends to use it for personal reasons.
This is what my group have so far for the paper. I just need help writing the discussion and conclusion.
(2-3 paragraph)

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