Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.

Research Paper Topics use either (1) The Church: Visible & Invisible or (2) Salvation & Sanctification. This paper should have 4000-5000 words including the title page, and reference page. Turabian bibliography style format. Sources must be listed as you go along on each page with footnotes and cited correctly (at a minimum) five (5) scholarly theological sources.
***Note that web-based sources are not allowed for this assignment***
Part A>>> This paper must have a Thesis statement with (3) of the sources you will use in paper.
Part B>>>This paper must have a same Thesis statement from Part A and sources, with an Introductory paragraph and outline.
Part C >>This is the final paper submission must have table of contents page and also Part A & B with a title & contents page and must have:
***A special feature of this paper is that it must include a separate section of application.***
• After your conclusion, write a separate section that applies your conclusion to contemporary Christian life.
• State the significance of your conclusions and how they should affect the Christian’s understanding and lifestyle within the Christian community, and one’s lifestyle among secular or pagan society.
Sources other than course textbooks should be scholarly books or articles. E-books or full-text articles, journals and pertinent scholarly articles. In all forms, books, collections of essays, or journal articles are preferred.
• Students must read material from more than one perspectives on the topic. Part of establishing the validity and/or veracity of one’s view over another involves engaging, fairly representing, and critically evaluating the ideas and arguments of those who approach or understand the topic differently. (If one’s sources and arguments consider the topic from only a single theological viewpoint, the paper will be relatively weak.) Thus, one should examine the argument of authors who disagree with one’s interpretation of Scripture and/or doctrine, as well as those with whom one agrees.

Article writing homework help


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