Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help. For those of you who have not yet written or submitted your Bartleby essay, You may do so using the following prompt:
If we read Herman Melville’s short story, Bartleby the Scrivener as an allegory into the virtues of personal liberty and the choices we make as individual persons, how might this particular short story be relevant to the circumstances we find ourselves living through within this present pandemic?
Your essay should adhere to the following guidelines:
Font: 12 pt, New Times Roman;
Margins: 1”;
MLA Citation.
Title: Your work must have a title;
Citations: A minimum of two citations and a maximum of four;
Length: 500-750 wds. (2-3pages).
The essay should be writing in this way: Introduction, thesis at the end of the introduction, for each body paragraph are going to be the topic sentience talk about it bit, introduce the quote, explain the quote, give an example and then end each body paragraph by a conclusion.
The article included in the attachment.

Article writing homework help


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