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Below is the prompt for v1 of the assignment which I answered already:
In a 1-page document, describe the following topics:
1. What is your personal plan for finding space for learning throughout your life, and how do you plan to achieve that plan?
a. Think about how you will find time/space/money for learning, how you will decide you need to learn something, where you will look for learning opportunities, how you learn best, how will you know if the learning has been successful and how you will know if it will have been effective.
b. Use examples of what these could look like and provide links/references for the reader to be able to find out more if they want
2. In Ontario, the PEAK program for continuous professional development of Engineers is voluntary. Do you think the implementation is appropriate, and why? a Provide supporting and contrasting voices to your arguments from people with standing in the community, and try to provide reasoned arguments for your positions.
You may be creative (including using images) to capture your answers, but you must keep your response to a single page. The size of the page is entirely up to you, however. It is up to you to make effective use of the page. Think about what you want the reader to take note of, and how you can create that effectively.
The task is to edit the attached file based on the feedback given below:
a fair first attempt, but I have a few comments for you to think about for your next version.
For your lifelong learning thoughts, I like your reference to Valamis. Can you provide examples of the audiobooks, online lectures etc. that you might want to follow? Where would you go to find these references to ensure they are of an appropriate quality and contain correct information? How might you consider if the approach to learning was efficient in time or money or…?
For the PEAK program, you have a good argument, but it would be helpful to provide the reader with material to follow up with, to cite the critics you refer to and to find voices that concur with you to strengthen your own position.
Finally, whilst your narrative is engaging and effective, your presentation is not overly engaging for the reader. Think about how to draw the reader in, maybe highlighting the key points you want the reader to take away?
Pls provide an answer that meets the feedback criteria in detail with updated references.
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