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Monk Parakeets

Hello Class,
For this week’s forum, the invasive species that I chose to discuss  is monk parakeets. Monk parakeets are well known as quaker parrots and  their scientific name is Myiopsitta monachus. These birds are  native to Argentina and many countries in South America. However, there  are many populations found throughout North America.
While conducting research, I discovered that monk parakeets are  illegal in a lot of states. These birds are commonly found in some  surrounding states of Georgia and are well known for being traded and  used as pets. With these birds residing in surrounding states raised a  high concern in the state of Georgia because of their ability to find  their way into the state. Currently the state of Georgia has deemed monk  parakeets illegal. These birds are illegal because of the huge threat  they pose to our agricultural crops, human beings, native birds, and due  to their nature of creating large bulky nests. Monk parakeets are well  known for their large nests that are usually found on power lines,  towers, and in trees and this results in money being spent to have the  nest removed. The threat they pose to native birds is that they can  prevent them from receiving food due to their aggressive nature.
I believe this invasive species have been so successful is due to  their ability to multiply rapidly and because of their aggressive  nature. According to an article, monk parakeets lay about five to twelve  eggs and these eggs are fully hatched within twenty-four days.  Prohibiting this species from the state of Georgia is a way to combat  them and protect the people, native birds, and agricultural crops. The  most interesting thing that I discovered is that this species is the  only one of their family to create their nests out of sticks and contain  about 20 chambers in one nest.
Monroe, R. (2019, August 14). Why Is a Quaker Parakeet Illegal in Some States? https://animals.mom.com/quaker-parakeet-illegal-states-8373.html.


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