Biology homework help

Biology homework help. Assignment 8  due tomorrow  May 19th
In this Assignment, you will develop a mini-proposal to secure funding or agreements with other agencies for your health issue( this is a public health class ). You may approach this Assignment from one of several perspectives.
For example, if you are seeking funding, your proposal might be specific to a study you want to complete or a project you envision within your organization, or it might be a formal request for a new program initiative in the form of a grant proposal or contract. If you want to focus on interagency projects, you may structure your Assignment in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement.
Your Assignment should be 3–4 pages (double-spaced) in length.
Assignment 9  due on Thursday, May 21st
You will be asked to draft and send an e-mail to first-year Public Health graduate students. The e-mail will provide a brief description of the presentation/proposal summary.
In your email, you should reflect on any new insights you gained regarding your area of interest/issue during the course.
Your presentation should summarize your Unit 8 Assignment and be appropriate for sharing in a public community forum. To this end, be sure to avoid technical jargon and acronyms.
In the presentation, you will also use the speaker’s notes or the narrative function in Excel to provide a fuller context for your discussion.
Your presentation should be 6 to 8 slides in length.

Biology homework help


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