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The super-cool clothing company worked with NGOs and fellow manufacturers on sustainability projects. They worked with the Fair Labor Association to create performance indicators and sustainable sourcing and launched the Sustainable Apparel Coalition with the US Environmental Protection Agency and other manufacturers, and in the process saved money on energy and waste materials (NIKE).
WHAT ARE the LEAN techniques applied to business in today’s workforce.
*Evaluate how NIKE uses lean strategies and how much lean techniques has improved the firm’s efficiency.
Evaluate ways the firm can go even further to make improvements using lean techniques.
Consider Goldratt’s theory of constraints and its use in overcoming bottlenecks
Determine if there are improvements that can be made in scheduling and/or controlling techniques
Use the results you obtained from evaluating this firm to apply to your own business or a business you are interested in which currently does not use lean.
Need to use the POSHMARK business. How can LEAN be used, can it?
1050 words, APA.


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