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 This assignment will take the form of a Zoom video. The video will consist of six parts; each involving a run of the simulator starting from the same steady state conditions. After starting each run, a different malfunction will be introduced. As the malfunction is progressively affecting the performance of the process you will observe both the graphics display and the historical trends and make observations as to exactly how the malfunction is affecting the ALL of the process values and systems. You should prepare at least one typed page for each malfunction run. On each page, identify each malfunction before describing your observations. Combine all pages together in a single Word document with your name, class and date and assignment title at the top of the first page. Submit that assignment under this page to complete this exercise. (See Scoring Rubric in this assignment for grading criteria)
1) Completion of each exercise will be worth up to 30 points for a total of 6 x 30 = 180 points.
2) Each page of observations for each malfunction should be approximately 1 page in length to avoid losing points. There should be sufficient observations from the graphics display and the historical trends comparison to satisfactorily meet this requirement. To meet this requirement you can explain why individual curves respond the way they do in response to the malfunction.
3) Your responses must be clear and understandable
ASSIGNMENT   Is due Today, Monday dec 7th. 11:59pm.
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