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ENS5133 Environmental Engineering 1
Project Description
Important Note:
This is a group project. Each group should have 3-4 students. Each group much choose a
representative who will be responsible for making submissions on Turnitin and communicating
with the Unit Coordinator. The representative from each group must send an email to the Unit
Coordinator with the details of the members of each group (i.e. student number, full name, and
email address) before 5 pm on Friday 13 March 2020.
Project deliverables:
The outputs of this project include a:
1. Group Report (25%)
Due Date: 11:59 pm on Monday 25 May 2020
Submission: Turnitin
2. Group Seminar Presentation (10%)
Date: (Week 13) TBA
Venue: TBA
Project Description:
Identify a catchment of your choice with more than 10, 000 people. Identify and explore all
environmental issues within the catchment. Apply critical thinking to provide solutions to the
problems identified using existing and new strategies.
Project tasks:
 Explore current environmental issues within your nominated catchment in relation to:
 Water resources management,
 Air resource management,
 Solid waste management,
ENS5133 Environmental Engineering 1
 Multimedia management, and
 Sustainability
You are expected to contact the Local Authorities, Shire or Local Council to obtain more
information about the environmental challenges being encountered. In addition to your
information from Local Authorities and your personal observations, you may wish to
obtain information from other sources e.g. media, community forums etc.
 Apply your knowledge of existing and new developments in the field of pollution control,
environmental management and sustainability to solve the challenges identified. The
strategies recommended to minimise or mitigate the challenges must be sustainable.
 Prepare a report detailing your findings, solutions and future recommendations.
 Present your findings to a panel of assessors.


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