Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. CS 1050-2
Final Project
Mon May/14/2020

  1. Design a program for a movie store that has the ability for a manager to add/remove a movie title, movie’s leading actor or actress, movie release year, and genre. If the user is not a manager the user should only be able to sort the movies or search for movies.


  1. Objectives (80% of Grade):
    1. Give the user the ability to enter a password, which should allow the user to add or remove movie titles, actors or actresses.
    2. If the user doesn’t enter a password the program should only allow the user to search or sort from the list.
    3. Option to display all or a specific movie.
    4. Option to search by movie title, actor or actress, year, or genre.
    5. When the search is done, be able to sort the movie by title, actor, or actress from A to Z or Z to A.
    6. Give the user the option to sort by title, actor or actress, using 2 different sort methods
      1. Pick Two <i.e. Bubble sort, Selection sort, Quick sort, Merge Sort, or etc.>
      2. Also display for the user the amount of time it took to sort <most likely in milliseconds and this method is found in the Java API>
    7. Make sure to use all the tools that were learned from Chapter 1 through Chapter 10.
    8. Extra credit for proper validation a more user friendly program.


  1. Documentation (20% of Grade):
    1. Pseudocode
      1. Definition of the Problem
      2. Inputs
  • Outputs
  1. Pseudocode
  1. UML Diagram/Top-down design
  2. Flow Chart
  3. Source Code


Computer Science homework help


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