Computer Science homework help

  1. Use the library and other internet resources and write a 2–3 pages research paper (not including the title page, Table of Content page, and the references page) about the following:
    • What do we mean by Cryptography?
    • Why it is important?
    • What are some of the real-life application that currently include Cryptography?
    • Please note:
    • Safe Assign score should be 24% of below.
    • Apply APA format on your academic writings.
    • provide 2-3 pages long (not including title and references) as a word document.
    • Include title page, table of content page.
    • Use time new roman or Arial as font type.
    • Use 12 a font size.
    • Use double spaces.
    • Add running head to the upper left corner of your document.
    • Add page numbers to the upper right corner of your document.
    • Add a references page to the end of your document.
    • Do not re-state the questions.
    • Make you own titles and subtitles.
      Include at least two sources (i.e. two references) and use them within your in-text citation.
    • Do not use Wikipedia as a reference.


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