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Use the OLTP logical schema below to build data warehouse consisted of two data marts. You will need to import the final exam data code for the OLTP logical schema and develop ETL process in SSIS. Your tables should meet these requirements:
– DimDate table has DateKey values ranging from 19960704 to 19980603 (YYYYMMDD integer data type). If you use Flat File or Excel Data Source to import datekey data, include the data source file in the submission also
– DimDate table should have EnglishZodiacSignMonthName (varchar data type), CalendarYear (INT data type), Quarter (INT data type), LeapYear (BOOLEAN data type), and IsMortherDayHoliday (BOOLEAN data type) attributes
– DimProduct should contain product name, supplier name, category name, unit price, and discontinued
– AccumulatingOrderFact has 3 foreign keys – OrderDateKey, RequiredDateKey and ShipDateKey, and one degenerate dimension attribute – OrderID. Note that the your 3 datekeys should allow to have ‘Null’ value if the order does not have either order date, required date, or ship date
– PeriodicSnapShotMonthlyOrder has 2 foreign keys – MonthKey and ProductKey
– Correct ETL process to create 3 fact measures for AccumulatingOrderFact
– Correct ETL process to create 3 fact measures for PeriodicSnapShotMonthlyOrder


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