Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.


Describe the data science project lifecycle.


Sprockets Corporation designs high-end, specialty machine parts for a variety of industries. You have been hired by Sprockets to assist them with their data analysis needs. Sprockets Management is interested in making further investments to support a complete data analytics production environment. You have been asked to produce a set of recommendations for this environment and consider all related technologies that exist.


John Sprocket, CEO has asked for your recommendations for investing in a comprehensive data analytics production environment for Sprockets Corporation. In a written proposal, address the following topics and justify your recommendations for products appropriate for Sprockets Corporation.
1. Provide a high-level description of what type of investments should be made in order to support a complete data analytics application environment.
2. Include technologies that should be considered in order to provide the appropriate state-of-the-art data analytics pipeline.
3. Include the following topic areas, stating advantages and disadvantages of the packages described and your recommendation. Note: you may have overlap in your packages as they can support more than one need.

  • Programming Languages (e.g. R, Python)
  • Machine Learning Libraries (e.g. Anaconda)
  • Extract-Transform-Load Utilities (e.g. Pentaho, Alteryx)
  • Databases
  • Graphic Support/Dashboard Analytics (e.g. Tableau, Qlikview)
  • BI Software and Big Data (Hadoop, Apache Spark).

Data Sets

Computer Science homework help


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