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9)Read the following articles:

Digital Forensics Market share forecast to witness considerable growth from 2020 to 2025 | By Top Leading Vendors – Accessdata , Cellebrite , MSAB , Opentext (Guidance Software) , etc
What do you believe the future of digital forensics holds? 5 years from now?  10 years from now?[2pages]
4) Instructions
Identify what are the different types of hash values. Then tell me, what is the recommended hash value and WHY (and see if you can find case law supporting this!)
Value of this assignment
When you lead an investigation then it is important for you to be comfortable with the different types of hash values as well as knowing what hash value your tool (hardware or software) will provide.
Knowing all this is helpful as part of your courtroom experience and/or if you want to cross-examine the forensic specialist.[1 page]


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