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The final project will consist of three separate assignments that focus on identifying the need for a diversity hiring policy within law enforcement agencies. Part III asks you to develop a plan for sustainment and in-service training as well as address the future of diversity hiring and other final issues pertinent to the discussion you wish to include. These final issues could include your professional experiences related to diversity hiring and sustainment training.
Law Enforcement Organizations face an increasing struggle with hiring police officers. Additionally, there is a need to consider assembling a police force that resembles the communities that are being served. An increased focus on civil liberties, the rise to prominence of advocacy groups such as Black Lives Matter and police-involved shootings have all combined to create an urgency for law enforcement agencies to be responsive to the need for diversity within the force.
For this Part III of the assignment you will continue your search of best practices for diversity hiring, look at curriculum used by at least one police agency in its academy training, and develop a plan to incorporate diversity issues into academy and sustainment training. Identify the specific elements that would be incorporated into the academy training to include the total hours devoted to that component. Sustainment training should be identified as well, including frequency of training and who would be required to attend that training.The final element of this assignment asks you to address the future of diversity hiring. You can use professional experiences (if you have them) here, add your own critical analysis of the problem, and/or include a section that addresses a specific related issue within the topic of diversity hiring. For example, can our law enforcement agencies effectively recruit, train, and hire themselves toward a more diverse and inclusive force?
Part III should be 3-5 pages, written in APA format, and include at least two peer-reviewed references not previously used, and at least one review of a law enforcement academy curriculum. It should be combined with the first two parts of the assignment and submitted as Diversity Hiring Policy: Part III
The Diversity Hiring Policy: Part III is to be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.


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