Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help.

Resource: Scottsdale Police Department Strategic Plan
You are a member of the Scottsdale Police Department’s team of strategy leaders and your role is to develop a strategy for measuring the outcomes of the strategic plan.
Write a 525-word APA-style outline (not a narrative paper) in which you summarize a strategy for measuring the outcomes of the Scottsdale Police Department’s strategic plan.
Include the following in your outline:

  • Introduction – (no more than two or three sentences)
  • Stages of plan implementation
  • Overview of stakeholders involved in the process
  • Examples for measurements of outcomes
  • Rationale and justifications for measuring outcomes
  • Explanation of the gap analysis
  • Conclusion – (no more than two or three sentences)

Format your outline according to APA guidelines. Provide at least two scholarly sources that contributed to the creation of your outline.
Submit your assignment.

Criminal homework help


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