Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help.

Complete a Research Paper
(TOPIC:The Effects of how not affording proper representation can result in individuals being wrongly condemned.)
A thesis statement must be included. What are your ultimate recommendations? You need to use the thesis statement generator to develop a solid thesis statement here. 
Sources need to be from within 5-6 years.
The purpose statement is ONE clear and concise paragraph that tells your reader what the main objective of the research is. It also tells the reader the method of research, population under investigation, the setting, and includes the phenomena or variables being studied.
The objective needs to be more than just investigating the phenomenon. It needs to actually develop some sort of recommendation.
Develop ONE overarching question. This is not an essay on this topic. You are not just exploring the topic… you need to investigate a solution to the problem your presented.
Also add additional content to the subheadings (body) of your research.  Your work must clearly show revisions to the information provided in the attachment (Research Review). You must meet the following requirements and see (Research Template) attached.
The paper should range from 8-10 pages.
The paper should have 8-10 peer-reviewed references.
The paper must combine information from two different disciplines.
The paper should be written in third person and past tense.
Criteria for the Research Final:
Title – not just a topic name – should capture the research problem and tell the reader what the research investigates
Introduction – 1-2 paragraphs – gives your reader adequate background information and includes your main thesis statement
Problem Statement – 1 paragraph – describes the overarching problem to include your main (supported) problem statement
Purpose Statement – 1 paragraph – describes the intent of the research to include your main purpose statement
Research Questions – include your research question(s)
Study Significance – 1 paragraph describes the importance of the study to include your main significance statement
(3-5) Subheadings – Include topic sentences that describe what is covered under each subheading (the subheadings make up the main research body)
Discussion – Present your results to include the answer to your research question(s)
Conclusion – 1 paragraph to summarize the key points to include a rephrasing of your thesis statement
References – 8-10 peer-reviewed sources
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Criminal homework help


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