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Presentation on Threats to the Global Environment


Congratulations! The members of the United Nations found great value in the two analyses you provided. They are now asking you to develop a PowerPoint presentation that addresses four of the most critical threats to the global environment. Critical threats include:

  • Energy sources.
  • Globalization.
  • Lack of educational opportunities.
  • Inappropriate use of technology.
  • Civil war.
  • Poor health of entire population.
  • Cultural taboos.
  • Climate change.


Step I. Narrow the List from Eight to the Four Most Critical Threats

To complete this step, complete the following tasks in order:

  1. Review research on each of the eight threats.
  2. Determine what you believe to be the current and potential future impacts of each threat on the global environment.
  3. Choose the four threats that you see as the most critical by considering which pose the greatest or most immediate risk.


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