e English homework help

e English homework help. Module 7: Leaders Activity
To get students started thinking about leading and leadership, this activity centers around reflecting on their own experience with leaders and leading.
Part 1: Famous Leaders _________________________________
Who is a famous leader that you admire? This person can be living or dead, an activist, artist, celebrity, etc. Take a few minutes to do some research on them.

  1. What are some events in their life that you think influenced your chosen person as a leader?


  1. How did your leader lead?


  1. What kind of impact did your leader have on society?

Part 2: Personal Leaders ___________________________________
Who has been a leader in your own life? For example, is there a relative, friend, teacher, coach, etc. who taught you what it means to lead, guide, and help others?

  1. Why do you think your chosen person was a good leader? What kind of qualities did they have?


  1. What was an example of their leadership that made you admire them or recognize them as a leader in your life?

Part 3: You as Leader
Reflect on how you have been in a leader in your own life. Think about your experiences with friends, family members, classmates, teammates, etc.

  1. What is one leadership experience you are proud of? Who did you lead and how? Why do you think this is an example of successful leadership?


  1. What are some ways you can continue to be a leader in your family, school, social groups, and wider community?


e English homework help


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