Economics homework help

Economics homework help. Thanks for the ppt however the assignment was to prepare a 2-3 page paper, not a PowerPoint presentation. Please see the assignment instructions below.
Also I am not sure which of the questions listed in the instructions that you are answering? The assignment was to answer one of the listed questions.
I can accept your paper latest by Tuesday and we would need to schedule a phone call for you to present it to me, either tomorrow or Tuesday.
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Hi all,
Following is guidance for the final exam:
1. Choose one question from the list below;
2. Write a 2- or 3-page paper in response to the question. Please be comprehensive and provide analysis, i.e. not just description of the situation but your thinking (critical reasoning) in formulating a response and related conclusion(s) as appropriate;
3. At our last class on April 27 you will each have 5-7 minutes on the microphone to present verbally (no ppt, no visuals) your paper/answer/analysis to the class; please also email me your papers on or by April 27;
4. The work needs to be your own, in your own words; cite all references using footnotes and/or a bibliography;
5. This combines the final exam with the critical reasoning assignment.
Questions – choose one:
1. Select a nonprofit organization (not the same organization as you chose for your library assignment) and describe its governance structure with focus on the Board of Directors. Analyze the composition (membership) of the Board of Directors and explain clearly how the profiles and backgrounds of the directors contribute to and support achievement of the organization’s mission. Identify any gaps in the board members’ professional experience that, if filled, would strengthen the board’s guidance of the organization.
2. Select a nonprofit organization (not the same organization as you chose for your library assignment) and explain its strategy for achievement of its mission. Analyze how the strategy is being implemented and whether there are any deviations in design or implementation of activities from stated strategy. Identify and explain how implementation of the strategy could be strengthened or improved.
3. You are the Chief Executive Officer of a nonprofit. Tell us how you assess and view the advantages and disadvantages of the three main sources of nonprofit revenue: philanthropy, government, and social enterprise (earned income). On what basis are you doing the assessment, i.e. does it have to do with your organization’s sphere of activity? Countries or markets in which you operate? Then explain how you plan to structure your nonprofit’s revenue sourcing.
4. Present a real-life partnership between a nonprofit and a private sector company/corporation. What is the basis for the partnership? Why did they choose each other? Clearly referencing the partnership’s stated objectives, analyze and discuss the partnership’s strengths, weaknesses, successes, and failures and assess current or expected achievement of the partnership’s objectives.
5. Is social enterprise / earned income an appropriate model of revenue generation for a nonprofit? Discuss and analyze the different arguments from practical, ethical, and strategic perspectives and explain your conclusion. Using one or more real-life examples of social enterprise experience will strengthen your response.

Economics homework help


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