Economics homework help

Economics homework help. Instructor Ross
Econ 202
Title page and bibliography- 10 points
Two (2) credible sources- 5 points
Three (3) full pages, double-spaced- 30 points
Paper content- 75 points
Total- 120 points
You will write a full three (3) page research paper.  The paper should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12.  Your paper should have correct spelling and grammar.  You will include a title page (not included in the 3 full pages) with your name, my name, and course number and a bibliography (not included in the 3 full pages) at the end with at least 2 credible sources.  You may use more than two sources.  Use your judgement as to whether a source is credible or not.  You may use MLA or APA format.
The business cycle shows us every economy will experience economic growth when expanding until we reach a peak then head into a recession.  Discuss the pros and cons of economic growth in the first half of your paper.  Who receives the benefits from economic growth and who loses from economic growth?  Can we have too much economic growth?
In the second half of your paper, discuss the pros and cons of a recession.  Does anyone benefit from a recession?  Who loses during a recession?  Can entering in a recession be a good thing for the economy?
Make sure to use critical thinking and terms learned in class for your paper.

  Full Credit Half Credit Zero Credit
Title page and Bibliography Includes both a title page and bibliography Includes either a title page or bibliography, but not both Includes neither a title page nor a bibliography
2 credible sources Includes at least 2 credible sources Includes 1 credible source Includes zero credible sources
3 full pages, double-spaced 3 full, double-spaced pages 1.5 full, double spaced pages 0 pages
Pros and cons of economic growth and a recession Discusses the pros and cons of economic growth AND a recession Discusses the pros and cons of economic growth OR a recession, but not both Discusses pros and cons of neither


Economics homework help


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