Economics homework help

Economics homework help. Module 8 Online Assignment: How Far will Your Dollar ($) Go?
In Chapter 18, we are introduced to exchange rates and how trade should/should not be
regulated. For this assignment, you are going to go on a trip to anywhere outside of
geographic boarders that operate in a different currency.
You need to consider the following items.
o Choose your destination!
o Go to the following website or any other you choose that is reliable and see how
much your U.S. Dollars are worth.
o Make a list of items you’d like to purchase in that country.
o How do the prices compare to U.S. prices.
o Find a good or service you frequently buy here that is more expensive in your
destination spot.
o Find a good or service you frequently buy here that is less expensive in your
destination spot.
o Find a good or service that is different than anything you can get in the U.S.
o Include the prices of housing, food, automobiles, healthcare and education and
compare these prices to U.S. prices.
o Reflect on your “trip” and determine whether or not it’s less expensive to live in the
o Should we trade with these countries to lower prices?
o Should there be restrictions on trading with this country?
o Make sure to consider components such as taxes and insurance.
Your paper will need to include but is not limited to:
o Include ALL resources used while completing the assignment.
o 12 point font
o At least one page.
o Submit either a Word Document or PDF.
o Make sure to use the terms and concepts you have learned from reading the
chapters in your textbook.
o You need to include at least two outside sources, (newspaper articles, blog posts,
YouTube videos, etc.). For example, you should not use all personal life
examples that are backed up with personal anecdotes

Economics homework help


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