Economics homework help

Economics homework help.

Task Description (Choose website of “Shangri-La” Hotel)

This is an Individual Assignment. Students are to select any Tourism or Hospitality marketspaces to find an organization or enterprise that is engaging in significantly by interactive marketing activities over the web, conduct an audit of the site. Students are required to present a report on their analysis.
You must have your market and organisation approved by Lecturer by week 4.
In your report on the website, you will:
·         Identify the purpose of the site and its web business model
·         Decide the target market for the site and any consumer behaviour issues of that target market
·         Consider the dynamic forces of the industry in which the organization operates,
·         Carefully analyse the site and critically evaluate it using 7Cs of customer interface, Web Qual, ease of navigation and attractiveness of the site, how it builds traffic/ develops e-CRM, and the effectiveness of its online branding.
Task Length  – 3000 words

Criteria used to grade this task:

1.                   Identify the purpose of the a website and its web business model using a real-world example
2.                   Identify the target market for the site and any consumer behaviour issues of that target market
3.                   Carefully analyse the site and critically evaluate it using digital marketing analysis tools
4.                   Examine internet marketing strategy of a given business and its relationship with business strategy
5.                   Profile a company’s current customer base and potential target markets as well as its competitors
6.                   Compare different elements of a company’s communication mix and justify the extent to which they should be supported or supplanted by digital and direct marketing methods.
7.                   Examine the influence of the internet on the marketing mix
8.                   Correctly reference literature review using the APA referencing style
(Not less than SIX references in APA style)

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Economics homework help


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