Economics homework help

Economics homework help. ECON1-UC352 Industrial Organization – Spring 2020
Guidelines for Industry Research Paper and Presentation
You must research, write, and present an analysis of a particular industry — that you choose.
The paper must include the: history, structure, conduct, public policy, and performance in particular
industry that you choose. You will submit the paper in the assignments tab in NYU Classes in three
(3) sections:
Part 1 — History and Structure Sections (due March 11, 2020)
Part 2 — Conduct and Public Policy Sections (due April 15, 2020)
Final Paper — Performance Section along with any updates to Part 1 and/or Part 2, (due May
13, 2020).
As you write, please consider the following:
1. Why are you writing this? As an introduction, explain why the industry you chose
interests you. Just a brief introduction, this will be especially helpful during the presentation.
2. What are you writing about? You should begin with a short section describing the
industry you chose and introduce the various industrial organization topics. Be sure to include
data available from (e.g. information about NAICS, number of firms, number
of employees, concentration ratios, HHI, etc.).
3. Be sure to consider that this is an advanced economics course! Demonstrate your
accomplishment of the goals for the course, specifically:
• Locate published research in industrial organization economics and related fields.
• Locate and interpret (with competent statistical analysis) the economic data, e.g., data on
prices and quantities of specific goods and services and recognize the limitations of the
• Summarize what is known about the current condition of various types of markets in the
U.S. economy – this means your industry.
• Use intermediate level economic concepts to analyze issues published in articles in
newspapers and magazines or reported on radio and TV specifically about your industry.
• Explain industrial organization concepts and apply them to your industry.
4. Be sure to consider that the focus of the course is on industrial organization: specifically
in terms of Theory of the Firm, Markets, Industry Analysis, Antitrust, Regulation, Pricing,
Product Differentiation, Product Quality, Advertising, and R&D (in short, the topics on the
syllabus and/or in the text)! Be sure to address how these items affect your industry.
5. Please, don’t drift into macroeconomic policy, monetary policy, politics, international
affairs, cooking, etc., those are the focus of other courses.
6. At the end, summarize your findings. This is the most important part of your paper. You
determine the style that you want to use, but you must focus on the industrial organization
5. Add your references. Choose a style: Chicago, MLA, APA, other, but be consistent.
6. Turn your paper in on May 13, 2020 – NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
7. Present a summary of your paper on either May 6, 2020 or May 13, 2020 (TBD). You
may use PowerPoint, keynote, other presentation tools, or handouts, as you wish.
Note: These classes are required. Read this again, you must attend these two classes – if you
miss them, you will lose 10% of the grade on your final paper.

Economics homework help


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