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This week, we studied and discussed metrics relevant to training. For this assignment, you will demonstrate your understanding of these metrics by writing a short paper (about 2000 words) that addresses the following questions:

  1. What can each metric demonstrate? What is its importance to HRM and strategic decision-making?
  2. What would be learned from statistics derived from this metric?
  3. Where might one find (or collect) the raw data for this metric? How would you implement tracking this metric in an organizational dashboard/balanced scorecard?
  4. What, if any, potential difficulties might create challenges in tracking this metric?


  • Training and ROI (Quantitative)
  • metric: ROI
  • Metric: impact
  • Employees and Training Coverage (Quantitative)
  •  Metric 1: Percentage of Employees Participating in Training
  •  Metric 2: Percentage of Employees Receiving Development Money
  •  Metric 3: Average Training Completed per Employee
  • Need for, Awareness of, and Quality of Training (Qualitative)



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