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this is due tomorrow….. 20 hours to do…….  please no late work….
Answer the attachments as if you were me. they are self assessments
then do:
Developmental Assessment Paper
1. Using the results of your “How do I Manage Differences” self-assessment and Supervisory Beliefs Inventory from Module #2/Week #2, what did you learn about yourself in each exercise?  Were you surprised?
2. Using the exercises and readings in our text, as well as information presented in the Modules, describe the stages of personal and professional development you are in.
3. What do you need from a supervisor at this time?  Be specific and use your responses from questions 1 and 2 to help you. Make sure you incorporate information from the coursework into your writings, what you have learned and how you can apply it.
This assignment should be 2-3 typewritten pages (double spaced/ 12 point font)
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