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Teaching certificates must be renewed every few years, depending on your state. In order to renew a teaching certificate, each teacher must participate in a specific number of hours of professional development through classes, seminars, and the like. Educational conferences are a great place to achieve these hours while learning from professional colleagues.
Part 1: Presentation
For this assignment, you will create a 5-7 slide digital presentation in which you will propose a session for a national or state conference on early childhood education.
Create a presentation proposal that addresses the following:

  • The importance of resiliency in young children.
  • Strategies that promote resiliency and support healthy growth and development.
  • How educators can support families in promoting resiliency in young children as they grow and develop.
  • Title page, speaker’s notes, and reference slides
  • At least 2-3 scholarly citations that support your presentation.

Part 2: Conferences
Conferences are organized by a variety of agencies, including professional organizations and state departments of education. Identify two national or state conferences on early childhood education and review the emphasis of each conference.
Review the information for each and write 100-150 for each conference including the following:

  • Title, audience, dates, and location
  • Sponsoring organization
  • Theme or focus
  • Corporate sponsors
  • Registration requirements for attendees (including costs)
  • Information for speakers who want to submit proposals (including stipends)
  • How your presentation on resiliency in young children could fit into the theme

In addition, write a 100-150 word reflection discussing:

  • How submitting proposals and speaking at conferences will benefit you professionally.
  • Ethical considerations when submitting a proposal and developing a presentation.
  • How sharing your knowledge and engaging with other educators could be a collaborative technique.

While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment.


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