Education homework help

Education homework help.

Topic: Cultures and Worldviews
Ohlschlager & Clinton (2002) note that “trying to be culturally blind or color-blind diminishes the importance of unique differences in the client’s personality and lifestyle” (617). In fact, it is considered unethical to treat every culture and ethnicity in a uniform fashion in counseling. Research now indicates that different approaches and techniques may need to be utilized for each culture.
Using your textbook and 2 research journal articles of your choosing, research a population of your choice and answer the following questions in your essay.
· What are some of the key psychosocial issues for this population?
· What are some of the central therapeutic approaches?
· Would the population you are researching be difficult for you to work with? Are there any psychosocial issues this population exhibits that may evoke an emotional reaction in you?
· Based on your findings what do you believe (and what does research indicate) could be improved for this population in terms of current mental health services?
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Education homework help


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