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Activity #1: Soft Skills Checklist

  1. Visit the link below to learn about using Soft Skills to improve your employability skills.
Open a word document, type the six soft skills in a column in the left margin [communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem solving and critical thinking, and professionalism] Use the Activity Model below as a guide.

  1. Categorize each of the points from the article to the list of six soft skills. Some of these points will fit under more than one soft skill category.
  2. Add your own important point/s from your own experiences.
  3. Create a question that pertains to your interest within each skill. You will use the important points and questions to evaluate your job performance.

Activity #2: On Your Own
Use the Soft Skills checklist you created to evaluate your workplace skills. Create a daily or weekly Workplace Journal to record your thoughts and opinions from the day’s events and the answers to the questions you created. Use it to evaluate your skills; keep the positives job attributes and improve upon the negatives. As you analyze your journal writings, you will find patterns and trends forming. These essential features will help you understand your needs and assist you in aligning yourself to find a future career that you are truly interested in pursuing.
ACTIVITY MODEL – Soft Skills Checklist
#6 – PROFESSIONALISM (examples below)
1. Behave professionally – know when to stop joking, wasting time fooling around

  • If you are joking or not, it is important not to roll your eyes or show your co-workers and boss any negative body language.
  • How do I show professionalism to my supervisor, co-workers, and customers?

Activity #3: Reflection – Follow the prompts below to complete this activity.
How will I practice my soft skills? Create and explain a plan of action that you will take to practice each of the learned soft skills.


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