Education homework help

Education homework help.

   chapter 1 (use chapter 1 power point)
1. In your own words, describe what the following statement means to you and why?
“In the absence of conclusive educational data, educational decisions should be based on assumptions which, if incorrect, will have the least dangerous effect on the student”
2. Based on your professional and perhaps personal experiences, rate the following “Reasons for Optimism” for Inclusive Practices from 1 (most optimistic) to 4 (least optimistic) and explain your rating in the textbox below.
• Inclusive Education and Schoolwide Reform   ________
• Access to General Education Curriculum  ________
• Positive Behavior Interventions & Peer Supports  ________
• Self-Determination & Transition to Adult Life  ________
3. Based on your professional and perhaps personal experiences, rate the following “Reasons for Concerns” for Inclusive Practices from 1 (greatest concern) to 5 (least concern) and explain your rating in the textbox.
• Inconsistent Access to Inclusive Education ________
• Questionable Quality of Curriculum & Instruction ________
• Too Many Families are Frustrated by the Lack of Professional Responsiveness
• Challenging Working Conditions for Special Educators _________
• Limited Post School Options _________
CHAPTER 2 (use chapter 2 power point)
1. Identify and describe the six life cycle stages:
2. Identify and describe IDEAs six principles:
3. Given the unexpected emergency school campus closures due to COVID-19, explain how each of the following issues and concerns may be even more challenging for families with learners with significant disabilities. Provide possible solutions, interventions and/or strategies for each.
Independent   Functioning
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Education homework help


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