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Education homework help. Final project: Make a video
For the final project in this class, you will work to create a short (1-4minute) video piece using any tools you choose. This piece needs to relate directly to an historical work we have studied this quarter. You will present your piece in class for discussion and critique during the last week of the quarter.
1. Start by choosing a film or video that you studied this quarter that would be thought of as an artist’s film. Look back through your class notes and to the assigned readings for that section of the class. You should be familiar with the full range of conceptual, technical and critical ideas that the piece involves.
 This term 2 references from class discussion will be restricted: Maya Deren’s “Meshes of the Afternoon”, and Bunuel + Dali’s “Un Chien Andalou”.
2. Without worrying about your own technical skills, think about a version of this piece or an updated take on the concept that you would like to create. It can be as literal as recreating a film directly, or as loose as interpreting an underlying concept in a new way.
3. Write a one-paragraph sketch that explains the background of your final project. You should state your reference film, list a few ideas that you think are interesting/important about the film, and propose a simple video piece based on the film.
4. Submit this proposal paragraph on D2L on 5.18.20 @6pm.
5. I will give you notes & feedback on your proposal. If you need help with technical issues, please explain what you need in your proposal. I will help you figure out your production plan.
6. Make your piece.
7. Format your piece so that you can present it in class. Projects will be posted to in the class video group. Information on this process will be shared closer to the due date.
Your final grade will consist of these components:
1. The one-paragraph project pitch.
2. Your short video piece.
3. A short (no shorter than two full pages, double-spaced, 12-pt font) paper explaining your project. This should outline what you understand as the essential aesthetic, conceptual, and technical aspects of your reference and how your project relates. This paper must engage with critical terms, ideas, and language from our course. This paper is not about your feelings about the piece, but how it works, looks, and means.

Education homework help


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