Electrical Engineering homework help

Electrical Engineering homework help.  
There are currently over 8,100 power plants in the United States that have operational generators with nameplate electricity generation capacities of at least 1 megawatt (MW). A power plant may have one or more generators, and some generators may use more than one type of fuel. There are

  • 1,793 natural gas-powered electricity plants in the United States, generating 34 percent of the nation’s electricity.
  • There are 400 coal-powered electric plants generating 30 percent…
  • There are 61 nuclear electric plants generating 20 percent…
  • There are 1,444 hydroelectric plants generating 7 percent…
  • There are 999 wind-powered electric plants generating 6 percent…
  • There are 1,721 solar-powered electric plants generating 1 percent…
  • There are 1,076 oil-powered electric plants generating half of 1 percent…

End users in the United States consume approximately 3.82 trillion kilowatt hours of electricity annually.


Consider one power generating facility either near your home or work now or at some other point in your life. Use the Internet to find information related to facility to determine and discuss the following with a minimum 300 words response:

  1. How does this facility generate power?
  2. What are the key steps related to the generation process at this facility?
  3. What types of emissions (if any) does this facility produce?
  4. How does the facility transmit generated power?
  5. How is it distributed to customers?
  6. What path is taken from the generating facility to your home?

Electrical Engineering homework help


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