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Guest Speaker Memo

Over the course of the next three class meetings (dates shown below) there will be a series of guest speakers coming to class to give a presentation on the work that they are currenty involved in. As part of this guest speaker series, you will write a one page memo about one of those three guest speakers.
Guest Speakers and Dates
November 16th: Gavin Nielsen
November 18th: Dr. Kurtis Kredo II
November 30th: Dr. Hassan Salehi

  • Write a technical memo that provides an overview of the topic discussed by the guest speaker
  • The audience of the memo is the three instructors for this course. Use our information from the “Home” page when addressing the memo.
  • The memo should be one page long (single side only).
  • You must include information from the presentation. Pay attention to proper citation of what the guest speaker said during the presentation.
  • For the structure of the memo see links from the “Week 6 Folder” memo assignment.
  • For the formatting of the memo use single spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font.

Due Date
Friday December 4th at 1159pm


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