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just need to make small changes to the essay and paraphrase the complete essay to make it look different as well as add additional rhetorical tools into the writing
The draft essay is already 1075 words and the final essay should be around 1250 words so  just need to work for around 175 words
start essay with your ideas about DFW’s speech  the goal of your analysis isn’t to explain what DFW is saying, it is to look into why and how he says what he says….
the goal is to enrich our understanding of what DFW is saying.
in paragraph 2 and 3, instead of summarizing what DFW says, you might look more deeply about why DFW chooses to say it the way he does. what is the affect of using the fish parable?
How does DFW try to illustrate, or complicate what it means to think?
according to DFW in this speech, what IS thinking exactly? how does he define it? how does a person do it?  ________________
this draft is a good start. right now, you seem to be writing more about how to think generally, as opposed to picking apart what exactly DFW is saying…this draft is more of a summary right now. the questions I’ve listed above might help you gear it more toward analysis.
see pages 171-175 in your textbook. see if you can analyze the various elements you find in DFW’s speech.
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