English homework help

Create an annotated bibliography in MLA format. The topic will be “should college athletes get paid for playing”

  • Need 3 credible sources
  • Cite your source
  • One paragraph summary of the article, book, journal, magazine, etc.
  • One paragraph on how this could be useful when writing an essay.

“Should College Athletes Be Paid.” Scholastic News, vol. 77, no. 16, 2018, p. 7. DCCCD Libraries, sn4-aem-perf.scholastic.com/issues/2017-18/032618/should-college-athletes-be-paid.html.
In this article they debate whether college athletes get paid. They go into details covering ticket and merchandise sales. They cover the benefits a college athlete gets from school, such as the $250,000 in school value. They compare being a college athlete to working a full-time job, sometimes players putting in 40 to 60 hours a week going to practice. With the colleges sports being a billion-dollar industry, some argue in the article, that yes college athletes should get payed. Some argue that a free tuitions, free meals, and other benefits is enough, and they shouldn’t get payed.
The reason I think this article is going to be useful is because it takes into consideration both sides of the argument. The article is written in a debate type style, this is a perfect article because I believe you can build a good counterargument no matter which side you choose to argue.


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