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Research Paper: In this class we have discussed the Farm Bill and the role of government in agriculture. For this research paper, you will choose a specific title in the Farm Bill and analyze the policy changes the bill implements. The paper should highlight changes from the 2014 Farm Bill, analyze of the specific policy area and describe the reason and intent of any changes from the 2014 bill, and consider potential positive and negative impacts.
• Each paper will be no longer than 800 words and will address the assigned topic.
• Papers will be graded on information, organization, originality, accuracy, spelling, grammar,citations/references, neatness, and timeliness. Papers should be double-spaced.
• All papers must be submitted by the student electronically through the Turnitin.com link through Blackboard.
• Unless notified to the contrary, students must include in-text citations with a minimum of two references from the course reading materials plus two additional sources that are not from the course material. Be cautious when citing a URL address; make sure it is from a reliable source. Citations are to be made in MLA format.
• Papers will be due by the 11:59 pm on the specified date. Late assignments will not be accepted.
Farm Bill Titles
Title 1: Commodities.
Title 2: Conservation.
Title 3: Trade.
Title 4: Nutrition.
Title 5: Credit.
Title 6: Rural Development.
Title 7: Research, Extension, and Related Matters.
Title 8: Forestry.
Title 9:  Energy.
Title 10: Specialty Crops & Horticulture.
Title 11: Crop Insurance.
Title 12: Miscellaneous.


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