English homework help

English homework help. SOC 101 FINAL PAPER:
This essay should be:
• Between five and ten pages in length, not including cover and bibliography/sources cited
• At least three outside sources NOT INCLUDING TEXTBOOK OR OTHER SOURCES FOR SOCIOLOGY (either text or Social Theory excerpts/Tifft/Van den Haag hand outs).
• ON A TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE. All human activities can be viewed through a Sociological Perspective; make sure to include these concepts as they are relevant. My suggestion to make less work for you in the future, is to choose a problematic issue in the field in which you are sure/thinking/might be going into after graduation. This will provide you with a foundation to write the larger English 222 paper at MMCC or a Capstone paper later in your field.
• Sociology terminology must be included in paper.
• Use of APA formatting for paper and source formatting. Minor “faux pas” will not be deducted; however, glaring mistakes – not citing sources – will be deducted.
• LIMITED PERSONAL PRONOUNS!!!!! They make your argument weaker. Use sparingly and limited if at all.
• Try to avoid using questions in any academic paper, reword them as statements that pose a question. If you have difficulties, you can either call me and I’ll give you suggestions or you are more than welcomed to visit the Writing Center!
• MAKE SURE THERE IS A THESIS! Some examples of broad topics:
o Sexism in medicine (those going into medicine, male nurses, female doctors/surgeons, etc.)
o Recidivism in Criminal Justice: why if jail is so bad do people return?
o Poverty in Isabella County / Domestic Violence in Isabella County
o How to treat cultural fascination and addiction to prescription drugs in substance abuse programs/psychology.
Those are just a few ideas; you can choose your own topic, again I have suggested that if you can find one “problematic” component from the career you wish to have. Make sure your topic has sources.
Examine that topic from a Sociological perspective: How can what you’ve learned throughout this class explain that problem? What solutions if any exist and since you are writing from a persuasion aspect, what “authorities” back you up? Durkheim, Weber, Marx, DuBois, Martineau, etc., or modern day sociology sources such as journal articles, etc. Is there data? Include it!
IN ADDITION to the paper, please create a final paper pptx, summarizing the work you did in your paper. You will present this in class during finals week.

English homework help


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