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Capital Punishment
For this paper, please read both the Ernest Van den Haag article and the Larry Tifft article.  PICK A SIDE, either pro-capital punishment (death penalty) or abolitionist (anti-death penalty).  This IS an ARGUMENTATIVE PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please be sure to examine your stance via at least one of the three main sociological perspectives: conflict theory, functionalism or symbolic interactionism.  How do social institutions affect this subject, ie: race, class, gender, family, religion, etc. (inequalities!)
Using both the articles, your text book, (some students try to use the Bible[1] but it is only good for a cultural perspective not as an “authority” since we live in a secular nation), argue for your stance.  You may also use the Marx/Durkheim handouts if you so wish, so long as there are SOCIOLOGY TERMS in your paper!  You must:

  1. Provide three points to back up your argument and include them in your thesis paragraph and explain them in the body of the paper;
  2. Give voice to the opposing side. If you’re abolitionist, bring up any validity to Van den Haag, if you’re pro-capital punishment, bring up any validity to Tifft’s argument.  Make sure you also provide evidence/facts as to why they are wrong about their counter-point.
  3. Use both a thesis opening paragraph and a solid conclusion paragraph.
  6. REQUIRES an abstract! (Get used to writing them!)
  7. Use outline to organize your arguments. See video for examples!
  8. Have our Writing Center look over your rough draft BEFORE you submit! Make sure you give them a copy of these instructions!

TECH requirements:

  • 12 point, Arial or Times Roman Numeral font.
  • Five to eight pages long NOT including cover sheet, abstract and references page
  • APA formatting (SEE purdueowl.edu link at top of Moodle page for APA formatting requirements!)

If you are running into ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either during my office hours or via telephone, which is located at the top of the syllabus.
[1] IF you use the Bible, you must use it not as an authority, but as a cultural norm!


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