English homework help

English homework help.

English 2311 Final Project Proposal Instructions

Although you will have actually already gained “permission” from me to move forward with a specific topic for your Final Project, the goal of this proposal is to obtain permission to work on the project.  This is the sort of document one might use in his or her workplace to obtain support from superiors to take on a new project or to look at a problem in a new way.  Often, this involves company resources like money or work hours.  Thus, a proposal can often be quite detailed.  The purpose of the document, though, is to receive permission to investigate the problem.  You should not be offering up any solutions yet – just ways to look into solutions.
This proposal will be much like the sample proposal that is in Chapter 11 of your textbook.  That proposal is much longer than yours needs to be, but you can get a sense of how the sections should sound.  For this project, however, you will not need to include certain sections of your proposal.  You can feel free to skip the “Schedule,” “Experience,” and “References” section at the end of the proposal.  You also don’t need a budget, as this project should not be costing any money.  We will assume that this is an internal proposal, as I’m the one giving you the assignment.  Be sure to keep in mind that someone aside from your “boss” (me) might read such a proposal.  He or she might not know exactly what we have been discussing, or your assignment, so sections like the “Introduction” are a good place to add detail about the background of the project.  In that section, you will introduce the problem that you are hoping to investigate.  You will want to have fully developed ideas, and be specific.  The Proposed Tasks section will also need to be detailed.  For instance if you say something like “gather data on student registration,” you would need to describe HOW you plan to gather it, assuming you would be able to move around normally.  Keep in mind that you aren’t actually going through with doing these tasks, but you just want to think about if you would be able to do this under normal circumstances, before we went to all-online courses.
You can address the proposal to me as your professor or you can give me some sort of fake job title, along with the ones you make up for yourselves as part of the process.
I am providing a sample proposal for you to use when creating your own.  This is a real student sample, so there may be some mistakes in it, but overall, it can serve as a helpful guide to you as you draft your own proposal document.  Please do not follow that sample exactly. For instance, you will see initials instead of the student names of the group members.  I just did that to protect their identities.  You will want to include your full name.  You definitely should not use anything word for word from the sample, as that would be plagiarism.  Use the samples I provide in the folder, along with the one in the textbook to help you craft your proposal.
Briefly, here’s what the sections should cover:
Purpose – You will all have almost the exact same info in the purpose section.  The purpose of your document is to request permission to study this problem.
Summary – Be very careful with this section.  The summary section is a summary of the DOCUMENT, not the problem as a whole.  If you have ever read or had to write abstracts of articles, that is what this summary section is like.  It should probably be written last, after you know what the rest of the document is actually doing.
Note: For the Proposal document, it’s actually okay to combine the Purpose and Summary sections under one heading, as they are both likely to be very short.
Introduction – This is where you give the detailed introduction to the problem / situation.  Pretend that your audience knows nothing about the situation, the school, etc.
Proposed Tasks – You will need around 3-5 tasks (approximately).  These are things you plan to do to investigate how to solve the problem.  You want to be sure to follow the formatting for this section from the textbook and samples.
References – You only need this section if you quote or use any information from a source.
Special Note: When you write a proposal, you will not have done any of the work yet, so you want to keep things in the future tense when discussing the work you propose to do.  For instance, you would say “I will be interviewing six students…” instead of “I interviewed six students.”
***Please be sure your topic has been approved before beginning this process***

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